IoT in Smart Cities at Innovative City 2017

Spotted at Innovative City

Last week the Innovation World Cup team was in Nice, France for Innovative City 2017– the biggest European conference in the area of smart and sustainable cities.

Over 3,000 visitors attended the event, with fantastic networking opportunities available throughout the conference. Companies, Institutions and start-ups exhibited over the 2 days and the conference presented many interesting opportunities to learn from the key international players speaking at the event.

We made our contribution to the ongoing Smart City discussion on July 5th with the session “IoT in Smart Cities” powered by the Innovation World Cup.

High-level experts from leading industry partners, such as LoRa Alliance, STMicroelectronics, EBV Eleketronik, VARTA Microbattery and Gemalto took the stage to discuss the role of IoT in the evolution of Smart Cities, state of the art IoT connectivity, the major challenges surrounding IoT in Smart Cities and much more.

Speakers also provided valuable insights to techfounders and developers in the audience, sharing with them their do’s and don’ts for efficiently reaching the market, tips on the best Development Kits to use (FREE for the participants to the IOT/WT IWC 2017) and main contributing factors for success.

During the second part of the session and thanks to our three Portugese and French startups, we had the chance to see what the future of our cities and homes will look like. The startups showcased their disruptive solutions live to the audience – you can find them yourselves here: Linkmyplace (IOT solution innovating the relationship between companies and customers), Key Infuser (a unique 12cm robot dedicated to Digital Transformation) and Ellcie Healthy (smart connected eyeglasses frames improving health awareness, wellness and security).

We asked Carlos Fonseca, founder of Linkmyplace for his highlights of the conference:

“For Linkmyplace the participation at the IoT in Smart Cities at Innovative City was an amazing learning experience where I met other companies and startups and got acquainted with what others are doing in the IOT and Smart City space. I realized how important is for startups to have both clarity and a concise message on what their business/solution is all about. It was great to meet important executives from big companies, who are very friendly and accessible. I also received great support from Navispace, who facilitated my participation before and during the event. So in general, I am very pleased with how the event went.”

All in all, it was a great day of insights and learning for all of us!

Thank you to the speakers for their presentations and to our regional partners French Tech Cote d’Azur, Innovative City and Team Cote d’Azur for supporting us with the organisation of this great session, we look forward to Innovative City 2018!

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