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Winner of the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup 2014/15

No previous finalist

Category: Overall Winner


qipp’s award-winning ALLTHINGS software platform and applications supercharge things like bicycles, furniture, industrial equipment or entire homes with digital lifelong services™ covering the whole product ownership lifecycle. Those services help brands and consumers in their task to keep things valuable or make the most of them. In doing so, qipp turns in fact any kind of product into a communication and service channel and connects consumers, brands and organizations via smarter, more sustainable and emotionally more exciting product experiences. qipp offers different industry-solutions, such as ALLTHINGS | BRAND for premium manufacturers of durable goods who want to ship their products ex works with service, or ALLTHINGS | HOME for real estate developers and property managers that are interested in delivering “each flat with an app”. The Internet-of-Things inspired ETH Zurich spin-off qipp is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.