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Winner of the Cloud Innovation World Cup 2015

Category: Smart Living

Q.rad digital heater by Qarnot Computing

Qarnot has created and deployed the Q.rad, an electrical heater using high performance computing (HPC) processors as a heat source. Totally silent, it gets computing instructions through the Internet and the heat produced by workload processing provides free and efficient heating for homes, public buildings and offices. Thanks to its embedded sensors and features, the Q.rad digital heater constitutes a pivotal element in this coming future by bringing Seamless Intelligence for domestic usage and distributed computing power to serve the economy. Discreet, simple to use and install, the Q.rad is indispensable for the 21st century home: ecological, economical and smart. On the other hand, Qarnot provides cheaper and greener HPC for Qarnot’s clients, including major banks and animation studios, since Qarnot avoids data center expenses related to infrastructure, maintenance and cooling.