IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup Categories

Industry 4.0iotm2m-industry4.0

‘Industry 4.0′ depicts the fourth industrial revolution after the mechanization of water and steam power, the mass production with electric power, and the digital revolution. Now, technologies are embedded into materials, parts and the machines building these – each product has its own digital information, and the production is further automated. Together with IoT the possibilities for Industry 4.0 solutions are higher than ever, the introduction of self-optimization, self-configuration, self-diagnosis, and cognition to help people with this increasingly complex work, is facilitated. Do you have an innovative solution or idea promoting this revolution?


Nowadays it‘s a matter of getting the right data at the right time, at the right place. Whether it‘s an effective car-to-car communications, connecting logistics companies with their containers or trucks for easier and safer cross-boarder trading, improved satellite navigation applications, or state-of-the-art farming technologies. IoT / M2M devices provide these data, and more.


In order to reduce our carbon footprint and to achieve a sustainable use of our resources, government regulations worldwide considerably increased the need to reduce our energy consumption. As a result new and innovative ideas for smarter and more economical use of energy have to be implemented. Only with the right tools to transfer data is it possible to efficiently measure and control energy consumption – and this is where IoT / M2M technology comes into play.


Various areas of security systems are becoming smarter, thus making life safer for all of us. From the surveillance of residential or corporate buildings, cars, and public transportations to monitoring security personnel and high risk workers such as firemen, all of this and more is now possible, thanks to IoT and M2M communication. Now is the time to contribute to the ever growing needs of the security market with new and innovative solutions.


An ageing population and a rise in non-communicable diseases accompanied by raising health care costs are known issues. Yet, the demand for new and improved remote health monitoring systems is growing as well as the need to monitor and share fitness data. IoT / M2M communication solutions provide the opportunity to meet these challenges.

Connected Home

Modern & networked living – whether it´s heating, lighting, hi-fi system or blinds: they all communicate more and more – at home or via smartphone and tablet. Thus, connected smart homes become an increasing market booster for consumer electronics, telecommunications, building and electronic industry. It´s a great chance but also a challenge for the industry. Reliable and smart IoT / M2M solutions for connected homes have a promising future.

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