Software Development Kits

By registering for the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup 2015/16 you have the unique chance to order a Cinterion® Concept Board with a discount of up to 100%.

  • The first 10 contestants ordering a Cinterion® Concept Board will qualify to get it for free (shipment to be paid by the registrants).
  • The next 100 contestants ordering a Cinterion® Concept Board will qualify to get a discount voucher worth 20 Euro.

Get a Head Start with Gemalto’s IoT / M2M Development Kit
Gemalto is committed to make it easy for developers to transform creative ideas into the next trendsetting M2M solution and the Cinterion® Concept Board is the perfect companion to get started. The development kit connects with Arduino-style sensor boards for super-fast prototyping and features a Cinterion EHS6 Java powered module (Java ME 3.2) for global 2G and 3G cellular connectivity. It integrates easily with the cloud-based SensorLogic Application Enablement Platform for comprehensive services to connect devices to backend IT networks.


Gemalto M2M Developer Community
Designed to help first time M2M developers, experienced hobbyists and seasoned M2M OEMs alike, the Gemalto Developer Community is an extensive online resource providing a single source for tools, reusable code, knowledge, expert advice and community support covering all the core components of the M2M value chain.

For more information, visit Gemalto Developer Community.