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The Innovation World Cup® Series is the global market leader in open innovation platforms. For more than 10 years the Innovation World Cup has been the catalyst for future innovations, connecting innovative entrepreneurs, developer communities, and industry partners like Ericsson, STMicroelectronics, Intel, Google, Texas Instruments, Samsung Semiconductor, Bluetooth SIG, Allianz Digital Accelerator, Swisscom and many more. The Innovation World Cup series has an impressive track record of introducing new breakthrough technologies and solutions into the market, creating new ecosystems, and identifying then promoting the rising stars.

Join our leading open innovation platform by entering your company specific or topic related Innovation World Cup®. The possibilities are endless…

Your Exclusive Innovation World Cup®
We can design an Innovation World Cup® that is exclusively conceptualized and developed for your organization. After gaining a better understanding of your organization and its objectives, we will customise and manage an Innovation World Cup® specifically for you. Your Innovation World Cup® can be named after your organization as well as a product or a specific domain. All you need to do is identify your needs, we will do the rest.

Your Question & Your Special Prize
If you are not ready to establish your own Innovation World Cup®, you can still benefit from our existing Innovation World Cup® Series. We can incorporate your targeted question(s) into our database, and then direct them at your target audience. We will provide you with support whilst generating the question so that you make the most out of it.

In addition to having your questions incorporated into the database, you have the opportunity to introduce a special prize that innovative developers can compete separately for. The winner will then be awarded with your prize at the award ceremony.

We can help you leverage your business in many different ways from identifying relevant innovative solutions, to promoting your technologies within developer communities all around the world, to running open innovation workshops that are customized to your specific needs.

Whether you choose to create an exclusive Innovation World Cup® or the Question & Special Prize option, you will be accessing our large network surrounding the Innovation World Cup® Series, which extends to 325,000 developers and innovative companies.

Additional benefits include:

  • Promoting a new technology to our network
  • Establishing your own ecosystem
  • Positioning your organization as an innovation leader within a specific domain
  • Benefiting from the strength of the ‘Innovation World Cup® trademark.
  • Having access to the Innovation World Cup® Series ecosystem

Act now! Take your place amongst others who have already taken the step toward becoming an innovation leader.

See examples of previous Exclusive Innovation World Cup®s below and contact Suvi Suikkanen for more questions.

Past Exclusive Innovation World Cup®s

Evolve Insurance Award 2013/14 for Allianz Digital Accelerator

Allianz Digital Accelerator created the “Evolve Insurance Award” to foster the development of smart wearable devices and cloud solutions that have an impact on safe living. The Evolve Insurance Award looked for business model and service innovations with an impact on the insurance business.

“Phone as a Wearable Hub Award” for leading chipset manufacturer during the WT Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup® 2013/14

New appcessories are launched every day. For most of them smartphones are the communication hubs. For this reason, the Wearable Technologies Group and a leading chipset manufacturer created this dedicated award: The “Phone as a Wearable Hub Award” honored innovative solutions using a smartphone as a hub for wearable devices like wristbands, heads-up displays (HUD), and smart watches.

“Geo Award” – powered by CloudEO at the Cloud Innovation World Cup® 2013-2015

The Cloud Innovation World Cup®, a global competition for innovations within the segment cloud computing, partnered with CloudEO, an online collaboration platform that enables to create, interpret, use, and market geo content and services. With this partnership, Innovation World Cup® Series and CloudEO created the “Geo Award” to seek solutions to integrate geospatial information and provide additional benefit to the cloud based service offered.

M2M Challenge 2012-2014

The M2M Challenge, a leading award in the field of machine-to-machine (m2m) communications, was initiated in 2012 with partners Swisscom, Ericsson, Telit and VARTA Microbattery. Since the contest was first launched, hundreds of participants submitted their innovative solution(s) in the M2M field. The contest became a huge success, gathering the attention of further important industry players such as Intel, Gemalto and MediaTek, which became partners of the open innovation platform. Since 2014, the M2M Challenge runs under the name IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup®, which is the leading innovation competition in the IoT / M2M field. 

European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) 2004-2010

The ESNC, the world´s largest and most successful innovation competition for satellite navigation, was set up and organized by Navispace AG from 2004-2010. During this period of time, a whole ecosystem of around 20 international regions and 180 experts were set up. Since its inception, thousands of participants joined the competition. The contest is today the leading global network in the segment of global navigation systems, looking for new products, services and innovative businesses in the satellite navigation sector to encourage the use of satellite navigation in people´s everyday life.

Bluetooth Innovation World Cup® 2009-2011

The Bluetooth Innovation World Cup®, organized by Navispace AG for the Bluetooth SIG –  received submissions from hundreds developers around the world. The ideas made use of the unique characteristics of Bluetooth low energy technology, such as very low power consumption, and the possibility of transforming entire industries with a simple, secure and super-efficient networking technology.