Connected Living Challenge by Geeny

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There will be 14 billion consumer IoT devices connected by 2020, yet a hyper-efficient IoT future, where our clothes coach us and adjust our workouts and diets accordingly, is still miles away. Smart things fail to speak the same language, which is preventing mass adoption from taking off. People are not able to explore new uses for their devices because they are stuck in closed ecosystems or limited to a single smart device. Not able to create smart connections between their lifestyle, home or fitness IoT devices, they cannot gain insights beyond a simple measurement of burned calories or number of steps taken.

Help us disrupt consumer IoT and show us how you can use the Geeny IoT Platform to build the next big thing. In addition to speeding up the development process, the Geeny IoT platform provides a connection between B2C companies, developers, makers, and smart users. Using Geeny, end-users can access and combine data from multiple connected devices to gain better insights and real automation. Using Geeny marketplace, they can discover new, powered-by Geeny things and applications.

You as a developer can tap into data streams from countless connected devices in one place and build IoT products and services faster according to the tangible consumer needs. Get access to business insights on device usage trends and plan your next hardware update properly. Focus on your project without having to worry about infrastructure, data processing, GDPR-compliant data security and user authentication

Enter the Connected Living Challenge and benefit from:

    • Mentoring and support to work with Chinese manufacturers and project management for E2E projects
    • Help to create apps on the Geeny platform
    • Project feature in the European Startup section of the Geeny marketplace

Enter now for free and have the chance to win with Geeny and the Innovation World Cup!