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Winner of the WT Innovation World Cup 2012

Category: Security & Prevention

BPS Ninja by BPS Technologies

BPS Ninja – wearable hands free security audio visual recording system. Unique all in one solid state camera, microphone and wireless system.
No Cabling, No Clunky Hard Disk, No Fuss. Designed for total mobile surveillance protecting the public, your business and vulnerable staff from threats such as terrorism, vandalism, abuse or direct attack. Compact, lightweight, comfortable to wear, providing high quality action recordings of sight and sound. Giving both support and reassurance to users. In the event of an incident, recorded data can be used to corroborate evidence and defend personnel. Whilst in a crisis, personnel can alert and inform colleagues of the live situation. Ninja – offers new security capabilities to: Police Officers, security staff, public servants, hospital staff, check in staff, ticket inspectors, traffic wardens, care staff, driving instructors, lone workers, social workers, nightclub doorman etc. Reassure and protect your staff working alone in remote and vulnerable environments.