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The award that we received is important to us. The information of our victory (which is still present on our website) made it easier for us to acquire investors.

Wojciech Radomski

CEO, StethoMe

The IOT/WT Innovation World Cup helped us to create trust, credibility and visibility, so to build our brand!

Mathieu Destrian


Great opportunity to partner with international experts in the wearable industrynvestors.

Jakob Wahl


It was an exciting moment, and was great to see so many great products taking well deserved appreciation.

Radu Motisan


Innovation World Cup®

MAKING INNOVATION VISIBLE With over 14 years of successful competitions, the Innovation World Cup® Series is the most established open innovation platform worldwide. We discover emerging applications, solutions, and investment opportunities in new industries with massive growth potential.

In partnership with over 45 leading regional ICT clusters all over the globe, the Innovation World Cup® Series has a significant impact on all parties involved.

We connect the ingenuity of Techpreneurs with the potency of leading industry partners to form powerful alliances capable of transforming budding ideas into global giants. For many, the Innovation World Cup® is the reason their innovation is visible to those who make a difference.

The Innovation World Cup® Series is initiated and organized by Navispace AG, an experienced innovation and technology marketing partner since 2003.

How to Participate

The online application is secure, easy to use, and allows you to save your work so that you may come back to work on it in multiple sessions. Simply follow the registration link, create your participant profile and then a submission form. If you are submitting more than one solution you must complete a new submission form for each one.

At the submission form describe your solution or your running prototype in a functional way, accompanied by images and/or video showing its special features, results or advantages. Remember to answer all the questions. Note that only those submissions that have a functional prototype/proof of concept will advance in the competition, mere ideas will not be considered.

To compete in the special prizes powered by LoRa Alliance™, Gemalto and AiQ Smart Clothing you must answer Yes to the relevant questions in the submission forms Special Prize section and fill in all the required further details. All European contestants are part of the EBV Elektronik special prize automatically! More details on each special prize and the winners benefits can be found here.

If you have corrections you must make these before the database closes on October 2nd, 2018. Make your corrections in the appropriate section and remember to save your revisions. Bear in mind that the more in-depth and comprehensive your submission is, the higher chance you will have to be selected as a finalist!

Why Participate?

Win prizes worth over $500,000 to boost your development and marketing:

  • Access to the worldwide network of Innovation World Cup® Series, opportunity to connect with experienced market players
  • 10,000 Euro cash prize for the EBV IOT Hero
  • Business acceleration
  • Extensive public relation activities
  • Speaking opportunities at international conferences
  • Dedicated marketing activities that promote the finalists and category winners as IoT / WT Innovators of the Year 2018
  • Placement on the Hall of Fame
  • Opportunity to present your innovative solution at the official Pitch & Award Ceremony
  • Exclusive coaching session with our partner Kickstarter
  • Software Development Kits provided by our partners STMicroelectronics, EBV Elektronik, LoRa Alliance and Gemalto for free. Learn more about the SDKs here.

In addition to the above-mentioned competition prizes, the winners of the Special Prizes powered by our partners will receive a number of additional benefits. Learn more about them here.