With over 20 years of successful competitions, the Innovation World Cup® Series is the world’s leading open innovation platform that supports breakthrough innovations to become reality and connect techpreneurs with international tech corporations. The Innovation World Cup® Series was initiated by Navispace GmbH in 2003.

Current and previous partners include STMicroelectronics, EBV Elektronik, Würth Elektronik, Microtronics, VOSS Automotive, AiQ Smart Clothing, VARTA Microbattery, HTC VIVE, Google, Intel, Swisscom, Ericsson, Telefonica, Gemalto, Samsung, and many more.

Collaborating with over 45 leading regional ICT clusters and media partners all over the globe, for many the Innovation World Cup® is the reason their innovation is visible to those who make a difference.

Trailblazers like Upright, Tado, Enso, Tosibox, Holo Builder, StehoMe, GaitUp, Radiobotics and other top techpreneurs made history after debuting at the Innovation World Cup® Series.

A panel of international industry experts selects the best solutions based on their level of innovation, marketability, sustainability, and usability.


Dr. Sonja Sulzmaier
Managing Partner
Mail s.sulzmaier(at)techprnrs.com
Phone +49 8152 9988 623

André Lönne
Managing Partner
Mail a.loenne(at)techprnrs.com
Phone +49 8152 9988 625

Marcos Toribio McGauley
Partner Management Lead
Mail m.toribio(at)techprnrs.com
Phone +49 157 52461242

Mirna Curcic
Marketing & Event Manager
Mail m.curcic(at)techprnrs.com
Phone +49 152 227 06810

Erkam Burak Cetin
Project & Innovation Manager
Mail e.cetin(at)techprnrs.com
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Daniela Taranu
Project & Event Manager
Mail d.taranu(at)techprnrs.com
Phone +49 173 5854698

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