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Winner of the M2M Challenge 2012/2013

Category: Mobility

AnyCar by Ericsson

AnyCar – Ever felt so comfortable with a car, that it seemed like it knows you? With AnyCar Smart Access that can actually be possible.  And not just with your car, but ANY car.  With the simple touch of your smart phone you can communicate with the car to tell it who you are.  You would be able to rent a car, without having to stand in line, without needing a reservation, without even a key.  The rental companies will save money as a result and can pass that on to the consumer, making the process faster, easier AND cheaper. The possibilities don’t end there.  Imagine your family car being able to adjust for each member of the family.  Parents could feel more secure letting their teens take the car out, play the radio too loud, exceed the speed limit or have too many other people in the car with them.  Security companies will be able to recover stolen cars more easily with these features.  Insurance companies will find solace in the reduction of these risks.  Ericsson believes that by 2020, 50+ billion devices will be connected.  This device isn’t simply making machine to machine connections, but connecting your car… any car to you.  And the best part is, you don’t have to wait until 2020, you can have it today. AnyCar : Tap a billion!