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Winner of the WT Innovation World Cup 2012

Category: Security & Prevention

Fire Rescue Helmet

Fire Rescue Helmet by Behnam Molavi and Babak Shadgan                             Firefighters are exposed to extreme conditions while on duty which can lead to immediate or long term health conditions. A non-invasive wireless system for continuous in-field monitoring of physiological variables including the tissue oxygenation, pulse rate (PR), breath rate (BR) and body temperature in real time, that is mounted inside the firefighter’s helmets and is connected to an alarming system, will help firefighters and a central monitoring center to become aware of any critical condition including carbon monoxide poisoning, heart failure and extreme stress and physical exhaustion. Equipped with a global positioning hardware (GPS), this system makes it also possible to detect the location of in-danger firefighters during active fire and overhaul operations in certain conditions.The system processes the data and if the oxygen saturation drops below a threshold or PR and BR increases to critical levels, a warning signal goes on. In addition, data including oxygen saturation, PR, BR, temperature and position are transmitted to a remote control center, which collects data from all on-duty firefighters. The data for all firefighters engaged in an operation are displayed in real time on a computer in the control center. If a firefighter is poisoned or is immobilized, his/her location will be identified using an integrated GPS system in order to identify and rescue him/her.