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Finalist of the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup 2014/15

Category: Security

M2M Intelligence® by Machine-to-Machine Intelligence Corp.

M2Mi offers the award winning M2M Intelligence® platform – the only M2M and IoT platform that offers integrated global connectivity, device management, cyber security, and in-stream data analytics from a single solution. M2Mi’s patented Lockbox cybersecurity technology protects each and every asset, transaction, data access and API call. Lockbox dynamic policies provide multi-level privacy by enabling multiple participants to share data securely across the M2M and IoT ecosystem. Its ability to control and track each access and transaction allows for
data provenance – thus ensuring data integrity and trust across the IoT environment. M2Mi is recognized as a 2014 Gartner “Cool Vendor” and recently awarded the IoT Excellence award for innovation from M2M Evolution. The M2M Intelligence® M2M and IoT platform is available today as hybrid cloud or a SaaS offering from M2Mi or the IBM Cloud Marketplace.