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Winner of the WT Innovation World Cup 2013/14

Category: Sports & Fitness

MBODY SHORTS by Myontec Ltd

MBODY SHORTS WITH SENSORS MEASURING MUSCULAR ACTIVITY by Myontec Ltd is the first ever, fully integrated product which combines modern biosignal sensory and electronics into a comfortable
and fashionable sportswear selection extended by mobile devices and versatile cloud services to display and analyze sports performance. The product is at the same time easy to use in the field and provides comprehensive information about muscle activity in addition to conventional data like heart rate, speed, altitude etc. Mbody incorporates intelligent clothing with wireless connectivity & mobile interfaces.The Mbody shorts with its built-in textile sensors measure activity of your muscle groups, Quadriceps and Hamstrings, on both legs. The data can be followed on your mobile phone or pad, both during and after your exercise. The product especially attracts sports enthusiasts like marathon runners, cyclists and triathletes, but can easily be focused on other user groups with future software revisions.