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Winner of the WT Innovation World Cup 2012

Category: Healthcare & Wellness

Opto-Care by Opto-phone team

Opto-Care by Opto-phone team The ability of dynamic extraction of remote biomedical parameters is very applicable. We present a continuous and non contact technique based upon eye safe laser allowing the simultaneous extraction of various biomedical parameters such as heart beating rate and shape, breathing, blood pulse pressure, estimation for glucose concentration in the blood stream, intra-ocular pressure in the eye and even estimation of the amount of alcohol in the blood stream. The device is integrated inside a wearable bracelet being suitable and affordable as typical homecare solution and it performs the biomedical monitoring and detection via very simple, low cost and versatile configuration involving only an integrated eye safe laser and small & fast camera with proper real time image processing algorithm. The integrated configuration is inserted into the wearable bracelet and it is financially affordable to any potential end-user.