The StartupCon\’s TECH START-UP 2019 is now open for submissions!

StartupCon and Innovation World Cup® Series welcome creative tech heads on board with exceptional innovations that prove business potential. It\’s time to make those innovations visible, for free!

The participants compete for a chance to become one of the finalists that get to:

  • Pitch live on the main stage of the StartupCon in 2019
  • Exhibit for free at the StartupCon in 2019
  • Pitch 1:1 to potential investors (StartupFinder)
  • Gain free marketing and Media package etc

This year there is also a catch! By registering to the TECH START-UP 2019 before September 1st 2018 you will still have a chance to be chosen as a wildcard to pitch on stage and exhibit for free already this year (2018)!

Submission phase: until 12 July 2019

Participation is free of charge!

The award includes the following categories: Home | Healthcare | City | Lifestyle | Industrial | Retail | Agriculture | Transport | Finance | Sports

A panel of experts will evaluate all solutions based on the level of innovation, the chance of successful implementation, and marketability.

StartupCon is an innovation-driven network and business event at C-level (Cologne, Germany) with the aim of connecting early-stage startups with suitable partners, businesses, and investors. They are joining forces with the Innovation World Cup® Series to boost your business to the next level!

Be part of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup®

The Internet of Things (IoT) related submissions in the TECH START-UP are automatically part of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® since the TECH START-UP is one of the special prizes of IOT/WT Innovation World Cup®. The IoT submissions will be included in the evaluation process of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® and have the change to become a finalist/winner of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® too. More information about the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® can be found here. Good luck!

Want to master the IoT & wearable tech markets?

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