Consumable classification challenge


Start-ups, scale-ups, innovative SMEs worldwide take part for free in the Consumable Classification Challenge, a brand-new special prize of the Innovation World Cup® Series. It is the chance to implement your technology into a large quantity of consumer products, and scale up with the world’s no.1 ecosystem in the Internet of Things, Wearables and DeepTech.

Imagine a consumable device like a coffee capsule machine or a pharmaceutical product like a pill dispenser or a diabetes care device. The aim of this challenge is to implement a technology in the device detecting different supplements (or consumables) on the go. The size of the solution shall be suitable for a small handheld device. The envisioned solution is most likely a system comprised of a tagging element (e.g. optical, RF, magnetic) and a reader. The differentiation must be done by integration of new technologies or sensor systems (as all supplements have the same shape, size, and overall mechanical characteristics, a differentiation based on mechanical properties is not possible). Become the winner of the Consumable Classification Challenge and benefit from:

  • Multiplying your technology in mass consumable products
  • Speaking slots and exhibition opportunities at global leading events such as MEDICA, WT | Wearable Technologies Conferences, and many more
  • Free marketing packages and media coverage
  • Placement on the Hall of Fame of the Innovation World Cup®

All solutions on a lab or go-to-market level are eligible for the competition.

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Participation is free of charge.