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The ST Innovation Challenge is the premier program of STMicroelectronics to connect with and foster tech entrepreneurs and innovative SMEs from around the world.

Whether you’re developing a sophisticated IoT application or planning to build one, the integration of sensors is often pivotal. ST’s sensors are at the heart of various use cases, elevating your deep-tech or IoT project by empowering you to:

  • Track assets efficiently: Keep tabs on assets with real-time location data.
  • Monitor conditions and environments: Ensure the optimal performance of machines, objects, and buildings.
  • Optimize agricultural practices: Harness sensor data to cultivate smarter, more sustainable farming methods.
  • Enhance urban infrastructure: Transform cities into smart urban spaces with actionable insights.
  • Elevate home automation: Integrate advanced sensor technology into smart homes and appliances for a seamless lifestyle.

Submit your solution to the ST Innovation Challenge and take advantage of ST’s expertise to move forward with your design.

Contestants of the ST Innovation Challenge can also apply for free development kits.

Discover the cutting-edge PRO, a new development kit that seamlessly integrates with ST Authorized Partner Sensirion’s humidity and temperature sensor, providing a comprehensive solution for remote data collection and analysis. This versatile kit is equipped with motion, environmental, and digital microphone sensors, making it an exceptional tool for a wide array of applications. Whether you’re looking to enhance IoT smart homes and cities, innovate in the realm of smart devices, create engaging gaming experiences, develop responsive robotics, or implement efficient asset tracking systems, the PRO adapts to your level of expertise and project needs.

Get a solution tailored for sophisticated industrial sensing – The STWIN.Box development kit, featuring the STEVAL-PDETECT1 expansion board for precise presence and occupancy detection, along with ST Authorized Partner Sensirion’s SESNSEVAL-SCB4BXV1 for indoor environmental monitoring. This integration is ideal for a broad spectrum of applications, including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the enhancement of smart building systems, comprehensive indoor monitoring, and the development of smart city infrastructure. Its design caters to the needs of advanced sensing, positioning the STWIN.Box as a perfect fit for professionals seeking to innovate and optimize operational efficiency.

Join the ST Innovation Challenge, apply for a free development kit, and boost your success through:

  • Collaboration with ST’s team including field application experts with experience supporting start-ups.
  • Advice from international tech leaders on business development
  • Free industrial sensing development kits (subject on application)
  • Speaking slots in the Innovation World Cup® finals at HANNOVER MESSE 2025WT | Wearable Technologies ConferencesMEDICABIM World MUNICHand further prominent tech events
  • Free marketing packages and extensive media coverage at a global level
  • Promotion in the Hall of Fame of the Innovation World Cup® Series

All submissions to the ST Innovation Challenge will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Level of innovation
  • Technological feasibility
  • Commercial potential
  • Marketing & go-to-market approach
  • Time to market
  • Sustainability

Seize the opportunity to compete and showcase your potential on the global stage.Participation is free of charge.
More info about the PRO and with STEVAL PDETECT1.