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The Cloud Innovation World Cup 14/15 kicked off at the Google Cloud Platform Live from San Francisco on 04 November 2014!

Since many years technology is an integral part of our private and business lives. Lately, with the increasing pace of innovation, technology is defining where, when and how we are living, and conducting our businesses. Particularly Cloud computing increased the efficiency, the mobility and the flexibility of people. Yet, there is still room for more, still more to innovate… The Cloud Innovation World Cup, along with its partners Google Cloud Platform and CloudEO, challenges participants to develop innovative cloud solutions that will revolutionize the way we do business and live our lives!

The Cloud Innovation World Cup aims to generate innovations for all market segments, promote cloud solutions in dedicated industries and scale innovative cloud solutions faster. Innovative solutions in the following categories are welcomed:

  • Mobility
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart Living
  • Urban Infrastructure
  • ICT Business Services

All submitted solutions will be judged and reviewed by an international team of experts. The finalists will be awarded at the official award ceremony during the Smart World 15 event in Munich in June 2015.

Join the success story of the Innovation World Cup Series and accelerate your business by positioning yourself as an innovation leader in the cloud. Entrepreneurs, developers, innovative startups and researchers are invited to join the competition, win prizes worth more than $200,000 and benefit from the unique networking opportunities globally. The Cloud Innovation World Cup and its participants will be promoted by the Innovation World Cup Series, and regional and media partners around the globe.

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Submission Deadline: 15 April 2014

Google Cloud Platform Credits

Participants of the Cloud Innovation World Cup have the unique chance to access $100,000 in Google Cloud Platform Credits to host their applications on its servers.

Learn how to access Google Cloud Platform Credits here.

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