Cloud Innovation World Cup Categories

The Cloud Innovation World Cup addresses new application areas of cloud based innovations for all relevant markets and industries:

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  • Automotive
  • Telematics
  • Logistics

Dynamic traffic environments, complex logistic requirements, the safe transportation of individuals and goods – there are a lot of challenges and innovative solutions might be the answers. Being stored offsite cloud computing services can improve processes, security, safety and service quality by providing relevant information at the right place and the right time. By connecting devices in the transportation, navigation or automotive industries directly to the cloud, companies can link multiple pieces of data for a more accurate, dynamic and safer experience. Whether for aviation, navigation, public transportation, railway, car traffic, parking, for industries or consumers, cloud solutions will be crucial for future mobility strategies.

Industry 4.0


  • Automatization
  • On-demand Design & Manufacturing
  • M2M Connectivity & IoT

‘Industry 4.0’ depicts the fourth industrial revolution after the mechanization of water and steam power, the mass production with electric power, and the digital revolution. Now, technologies are embedded into materials, parts, and the machines building these – each product has its own digital information, each product is connected to one another and the production is further automated. Together with cloud computing, the possibilities for Industry 4.0 solutions are more than ever, the introduction of self-optimization, self-configuration, self-diagnosis, and cognition to help people with this increasingly complex work, is facilitated. Do you have an innovative solution or idea that promotes this revolution?

Smart Living


  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Intelligent Home & Building
  • Education & Entertainment

Smart Living connects our living spaces to the Internet. The basic concept combines the vision of “intelligent” infrastructures in different areas of life with the information processing of modern cloud computing. Emerging smart technologies, innovative design solutions, and smart materials in a cloud computing environment, create smarter living spaces. Today´s society desires to improve the quality of life, to better perform their day to day activities, and to enjoy entertainment and recreational activities. Developing connected key technologies in the areas of healthcare, wellness, education, entertainment, smart home and smart building are important to support such needs.

Urban Infrastructure


  • Critical Infrastructure & Energy
  • Security & Safety
  • Public Services & Transportation

For cities, it is increasingly important to balance economic, social, and environmental resources. In modern times, utilizing a cloud-based network offers the opportunity to manage urban infrastructure, provide a sustainable and intelligent environment, stimulate economy, accelerate information delivery, and, as a result improve quality of life. Whether it is critical infrastructure, energy, security, safety, e-government or transportation, the urban infrastructure network is in transition. There is a lot of room for improvement. It is essential to have a reliable network and easy-to-integrate technologies, which are the right tools that will help to efficiently measure, control, and store resources.

ICT Business Services


  • Infrastructure & Security
  • Big Data & Performance
  • Retail & Payment

New cloud computing ideas in ICT Business Services offer enterprises and employees the opportunity to avoid installing software and licenses on every single hardware by loading one application only. This application allows users to log into a web-based service providing all necessary programs and storage for large amounts of data. There are already some cloud ICT Business Services used by enterprises, like CRM systems, mobile payment, and storage solutions, which guarantee convenient handling, assure data security, meet big data needs and boost performance. However, the potential for new application fields and innovative solutions is huge.

‘GEO Award’ by CloudEO

Special Prize GEO Award

With the “GEO Award” our partner CloudEO is seeking solutions that integrate geospatial information and provide additional benefit to the cloud based service offered.

Life is geospatial. Every activity is related to a geographical location and its surrounding. For application fields like agriculture, forestry, transportation and mobility, it is clear that the geo context is crucial to evaluate the current status and take the right course of action for each location. Cities and rural areas need information about critical points of interest like roads, bridges, buildings, and further information linked to it like satellite images about congestion or pollution. A lot of industries could use geo data to optimize their processes (e.g. smart metering). And even individuals use a lot of information related to their geographical position and many more use cases will arise in the future.

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