The 3rd Annual WT | Picnic: Compiling the World

June 1, 2016

On June 1, 2016 WT | supporters and enthusiast are invited to meet at various locations around the world to exchange dialogue about the future of wearables – all while sharing locally delicious food and drinks! Each event is organized by a local member for the WT | Network, for 2016 we have a total of 10 picnic locations. Each local picnic is tailor-made to how your specific region of the world is thinking and doing in the wearable industry. Cities hosting a WT | Picnik are:

  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Munich
  • Copenhagen
  • Milan
  • Barcelona
  • Taipei
  • Chennai
  • Salem
  • Auckland

Click here for more info and to register to an event near you!