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Winner of the WT Innovation World Cup 2015/16

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ADAMM by Health Care Originals

Health Care Originals, Inc. (HCO), is an upstate New York start-up commercializing patented University of Rochester technology. HCO develops products for management of chronic respiratory diseases. >560 million people in the world have chronic respiratory diseases, with global economic costs of >$100B/yr. HCO’s first product, ADAMM, will benefit the 300 Million people globally who have asthma. HCO’s three-part solution comprises a wearable, a smartphone app and a web portal.

The app automates the management plan basics. The wearable detects precursor symptoms of asthma which an asthmatic cannot – processing all data onboard, so proximity to a smart device is not necessary. The portal allows caregivers and physicians unparalleled access to objective data on treatment efficacy, so that plans and medications can be tweaked and customized. ADAMM provides Intelligent Asthma Management – automating management, increasing adherence and providing advance warnings – allowing caregivers peace of mind, and asthmatics improved quality of life.