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Winner of the M2M Challenge 2013/2014

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EVERYCOOK by EveryCook

The EveryCook is an intelligent kitchen device with all necessary functions included to autonomously cook a full meal. It is the first digital cooking device that connects to the internet and is embedded in an ecosystem that guides the user end-to-end through the whole cooking process. Clients can pick a meal from our recipe database and see on their smartphone app what ingredients they need to buy. Once at home, their EveryCook, which is no bigger than a rice cooker, downloads the machine-readable recipe from our online database and tells the user which ingredients to add in which order. From then on, the machine autonomously prepares the meal: weighing and cutting ingredients, stirring the food, and adjusting the temperature according to the recipe. Users are free to spend their time with more important things until they are alerted by their phone that the dishes are ready to be served.