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Winner of the IOT / M2M Innovation World Cup 2016/17

Category: Healthcare

Headbander by Techsource Europe / ULOCS

Headbander has many applications, the technology can be applied to several fields, but primarily healthcare and psychology. The data collected from tracking body language and movement patterns can be used in a range of areas, such as the physical and psychological aspects of healthcare. In this project, we focused on dementia patients under home care or in nursing homes. The key value of Headbander is to measure the progress of dementia on an individual basis, without need for trained staff through onsite analysis. It is often very hard to determine the speed of progression and to then share that information to both relatives and the medical staff involved. In the US, the cost of dementia treatment has surpassed that of cancer and it continues to rise at 10% per year. This concept is based on measuring head movement, especially the significance of tremors.