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Winner of the WT Innovation World Cup 2015/16

Category: Sports & Fitness

Run Up by Gait Up

Gait Up makes the world’s most advanced wearable motion analysis products for sports and medicine. The Run Up builds on Gait Up’s industry leading clinical gait analysis tools for geriatric fall prevention, stroke and orthopedic rehabilitation. Backed by 15 year’s of research and development, the Run Up helps professionals attract and retain clients. It is the only tool to provide clinical grade analysis of running mechanics, without calibration, at all performance levels and in any environment.

The software reports five parameters of running technique, while providing contextually relevant content to the user. For example, pro shops see shoe type and model suggestions for their customers, while sports trainers and physical therapists see historic trends, recommended exercises and injury warnings. The Run Up delivers the most important metrics to help athletes reach peak performance on the trail, road or field, keeping them injury free and in the right gear.