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Category: “Smart Clothing”

Sensoria Fitness Socks by Sensoria

Sensoria smart Fitness Socks are soft, comfortable and washable. Each sock has three novel textile-based pressure sensors under the plantar area of each foot to detect activity type and impact forces. Worn just like normal athletic socks, the Sensoria Fitness Socks are the first example of a truly wearable device that is part of each consumer’s daily workflow.

A detachable anklet connects to the socks using an innovative magnetic clasp design. Data from the sock is wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth Smart to smartphones running the Sensoria Fitness mobile application. The Sensoria technology accurately monitors data important to runners including cadence and foot landing technique to play a crucial role in reducing impact forces. The mobile application analyzes this data and provides intuitive audio and visual feedback to runners during their running sessions. For the first time, runners gain actionable real-time feedback not only on how fast and how far, butalso on how well they run.