StrechSense by StretchSense Ltd.


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StrechSense by StretchSense Ltd.

Athletes need sensors that can disappear into garments while providing accurate measurements of motion. StretchSense fabric sensors are the perfect field-ready solution for naturally measuring sports movements.

The sensors are lightweight, heavy duty, and connected to a Bluetooth circuit. When an athlete moves, the sensor stretches and an Android app displays real-time motion feedback. StretchSense also offers an exciting range of integration

The fabric sensors can easily be sewn, glued or clipped into clothing. Fabric also allows for a wide range of finishing options including different materials, colors and prints. These features make fabric sensors an attractive technology in the wearables industry. The sensing kit comes with a fabric sensor, a BTLE transmission circuit, a battery and charger, and a free StretchSense Android data capture app.