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Winner of the WT Innovation World Cup 2016/17

Category: Gaming & Lifestyle

Unlimited Hand by H2L

UnlimitedHand is the world’s first video game controller that can provide virtual haptic sensations. It has good chemistry with virtual reality. UnlimitedHand consists of input technology and output technology. For input, it has 3D motion sensors to detect arm posture. It also has an array of muscle motion sensors to detect finger movements. For output, it has a vibration motor and 8 channel electric muscle stimulation (EMS) for haptic feedback. With EMS stimulations,
fingers and wrists are moved automatically. As a consequence, kinesthetic feeling (part of haptic feeling) is generated. In combination with visual content, kinesthetic feeling can be used as a variety of haptic sensations. Since the establishment in 2012, H2L researches and develops technology that enables precise motion-gesture tracking for hands, as well as haptic feedback through EMS applied to the