What our participants and partners are saying about the Innovation World Cup Series!


“Many thanks to the Innovation World Cup Award, which makes it very easy for us to get real publicity and credibility. The Award resulted us 300+ customer leads and new partnership contacts.”

Pekka Tolvanen, CEO, Myontec

“The award did have a massive impact concerning public awareness of Moticon – and in the same line the awareness and interest of potential customers and business partners. The impact especially from the US was huge. Lots of inquiries and new business ideas where we could possibly apply our products for in the future. Also some manufacturer showed up in order to check potential partnerships in different technology fields (wireless, computing).”

Maximilian Müller, CEO, Moticon

“Being a winner of the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup has certainly made a tremendous impact on ViviTouch. It has reinforced with our partners that our technology is an innovative solution for audio and touch feedback markets. Interestingly, even though we won for our 4D Sound category, this has generated a lot of interest for our HD Feel Technology given the WT brand.”

Andrew Cheng, Director of Marketing, Vivitouch

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“We have been supporting the WT Innovation World Cup from the very beginning and every year the competition exceeded our expectations. The WT Innovation World Cup not only shows us exciting opportunities and future possibilities making daily life smarter. Sponsoring the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup is a good way for STMicroelectronics to make a positive contribution to people´s lives.”

General Manager Audio Systems Division, STMicroelectronics

“What I have seen today was really big scenery. A great mixture of start-ups, huge players and innovative developers – WT brings all these guys together. We are partner of the WT Innovation World Cup to make wearables happen and we can inspire and trigger the market on such a platform.”

Phillip Miehlich, General Manager Marketing & Sales OEM, Varta Microbattery

“The WT Innovation World Cup is the renowned innovation competition with an impressive number of contestants and a very successful track record in identifying new companies and inspiring concepts.”

Steve Huang, VP, AiQ Smart Clothing

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