Partner Testimonials


We have been supporting the WT Innovation World Cup from the very beginning and every year the competition exceeded our expectations. The WT Innovation World Cup not only shows us exciting opportunities and future possibilities making daily life smarter. Sponsoring the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup is a good way for STMicroelectronics to make a positive contribution to people´s lives.

General Manager Audio Systems Division, STMicroelectronics

What I have seen today was really big scenery. A great mixture of start-ups, huge players and innovative developers – WT brings all these guys together. We are partner of the WT Innovation World Cup to make wearables happen and we can inspire and trigger the market on such a platform.

Phillip Miehlich, General Manager Marketing & Sales OEM, Varta Microbattery

The WT Innovation World Cup is the renowned innovation competition with an impressive number of contestants and a very successful track record in identifying new companies and inspiring concepts.

Steve Huang, VP, AiQ Smart Clothing

We´ve started to work with the Innovation World Cup five years ago in 2009, because we saw there is a great potential for wearable technologies and if you look at the TI Portfolio (…) it is a perfect fit to help those innovators and new companies to develop new devices for the wearables market. We saw again this year, in 2014, with all the development kits, that we were able to give out and sell to the participants that it is really paying off for people who can use TI Technologies for their creativity and creations.

Volker Prüller, Marketing Director, Texas Instruments

The WT | Innovation World Cup offers us access to a great network of young, dynamic companies. And if offers us to find companies that are really riding the wave of wearable technologies.

Beat Marbacher, Head of Strategic Business Development, Cicor

We love to partner with organizations that support startups and the Innovation World Cup has created a really amazing program to highlight and celebrate great startups from around the world.

Julio Terra, Director of Design and Technology Outreach, Kickstarter

We find it inspiring to encourage the creation of new ideas. The IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup proves that there are countless innovations and great ideas out there, just waiting to be recognized.

Miguel Blockstrand, Head of Product Line Device Connections, Ericsson

We see a lot of interesting new opportunities in the areas of clothing, healthcare, well-being and trackers. And this is where MediaTek Labs wants to engage with developers and startup companies and see how our technology can fit into their products and businesses.

Abbas Sumar, Developer Relations Manager, MediaTek Labs

We are committed to staying close to the developments and trends in the area IoT/M2M based innovation. The IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup assist us in identifying key industry innovators, and where it makes sense, to help promote them through joint cooperation.

Head of M2M Center of Competence, Swisscom

With the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup we have seen a lot of opportunities for human beings for the future: they can control their smart homes, or their fitness. All these things are very interesting for us and of course everything needs energy and that is also why we are very interested: what is coming, what do people need and especially developers with their requirements regarding our energy technologies.

Philipp Miehlich, General Manager Marketing & Sales OEM, VARTA Microbattery

The Competition enables us to get directly in touch with innovative developer communities on all continents. As one of the biggest electronics and semiconductor manufacturers we will again offer discounted development kits to speed the development of wearable solutions.

 Head of Marketing Communications at STMicroelectronics

Once again the promise, that this event is the unique opportunity to meet the whole value chain of wearable technologies, has been met, no it has been exceeded and that in an impressive setting. The Innovation World Cup showcased an incredible number of high quality innovations – again impressive. I walked away from this event with a number of important and valuable business connections.

Horst Merkle, VP, Continua Health Alliance

Allianz launched the Evolve Insurance Award to get in touch with many new technology companies and start-ups. Especially in the field of wearable technologies we are looking for companies with whom we can produce new services and bundle them with our existing insurance products to offer a new and better customer experience for our clients.

Bernd Scharrer, Managing Director, Allianz Digital Accellerator

M2M is a key component for future energy and enabling consumer-led demand response. Engerati is excited to support the IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup, and to help encourage innovation of future M2M energy applications.

Adam Malik, Content Director, Engerati

The IoT / M2M Innovation World Cup is a very good example of bringing forward opportunities and innovations in this space. There are being two hundred entries to this from 44 countries. And I think that´s tremendous achievements from this first event.  And to have 6 winners from that which were leading products and we think they´re going to be very successful in the marketplace is really a tremendous opportunity. So, we´re very excited to see these entries, we´re very excited to see how they succeed in the market place and we look forward to next year’s challenge as well.

Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO, Beecham Research