Age Check Challenge


The AGE CHECK CHALLENGE is looking for innovative age tools and technologies that provide real-time information on the age of a user via fingerprint and/or finger/palm veins.

The aim of the challenge is to implement a technology in a small handheld electronic device to perform an age check. The technology should allow to either estimate the age of the user, segment the user according to an age group or classify the user with respect to an age threshold. Such measurement should be performed on the handheld electronic device in real-time: the age check should be done in a seamless manner, on the go, within a timing short enough to be undetected by the consumer. As an example, the technology could be based on a detection of physiological data related to ageing or puberty. In any case, and regardless of the proposed approach, the user’s privacy shall be protected: the data collected for the purpose of the age verification should not contain any personal identifiable information and should not allow to retrieve the user’s identity.

Contestants have the chance to implement their technology into a large quantity of consumer products, and additionally scale up with the world’s no.1 ecosystem in the Internet of Things, Wearables and DeepTech. Become the winner of the AGE CHECK CHALLENGE and benefit from:

  • Multiplying your technology in mass consumable products
  • Speaking slots and exhibition opportunities at global leading events such as MEDICA, WT | Wearable Technologies Conferences, and many more
  • Free marketing packages and media coverage
  • Placement on the Hall of Fame of the Innovation World Cup®

The Age Check Challenge is a special prize of the 14th Innovation World Cup. Please submit your solution under this cup on the application platform.

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Submission deadline on 15 November 2022, 23:59 PST