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Do you want to realize your IoT Proof of Concept within just a few days? Do you want a comprehensive IoT toolbox that includes all components of hardware, software, and service working together smoothly? Do you want to get supports from our tech experts until successful series production? Join the rapidM2M Challenge, a special prize of the 13th IOT/WT Innovation World Cup® powered by Microtronics! All participants of the rapidM2M Challenge will receive supports from Microtronics’ expert team throughout the year, including an in-depth workshop to further develop their IoT solution until series production. The best ideas/solutions will get a rapidM2M Base Start development board for realizing their own IoT Proof of Concept. What is the Microtronics IoT Suite? The Microtronics IoT Suite is a comprehensive toolbox in which all components of hardware, software, and service work together smoothly. With the IoT Suite, you can take the first steps in your IoT project quickly and easily. Get on your bike right away and moving forward instead of reinventing it first. Reduce complexity and go for scaling your solution from the start. The heart of the Microtronics IoT Suite is the rapidM2M technology and the rapidM2M Studio. With rapidM2M, you easily record, process and transmit data. With the IDE rapidM2M Studio, you can advance your IoT solution and get ready to be the next IoT superstar! What is more, the rapidM2M Challenge champion will benefit from:

  • A comprehensive development environment
  • The knowledge base for success and fast development
  • Overall Innovation World Cup® prizes worth +500,000 USD

If you are an IoT game-changer, submit your solution now and request a rapidM2M Base Starter Kit, or a Narrow Band Sensor free of charge.

Become the next rapidM2M Challenge conquerer, present your solution at international prominent tech events, and shake hands with Microtronics for a successful partnership. 

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The submission phase closes on 22 September 2021 (23:59 PST).