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The Trusted Connectivity Award Challenge powered by Gemalto is a special prize of the IOT/WT Innovation World Cup®.

The last couple of years have signaled a turning point for the IoT. In the consumer space, the popularity of connected devices such as smart watches, voice assistants, and smart home systems has exploded. 2018 will be the year that will continue to push the Industrial IoT into the workspace in a similar way. From building surveillance, connected cars or smart cities to monitoring workers in risky environments, the IoT has a lot to offer. For enterprises, manufacturers and factories, the IoT can revolutionize their entire operation and with deployment times falling, it looks set to take the industrial sector by storm.

However, gaining and retaining users’ trust in reliable connectivity, secure data exchanges and privacy is essential for the IoT to reach its potential. IoT Security is a crucial challenge and IoT players need to ensure an end-to-end secure IoT ecosystem that everyone can trust in.

Join the competition with your brilliant solution and catch the opportunity to become the next winner of the Trusted Connectivity Award powered by Gemalto,

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Previous Winners of the Gemalto Security Award

CIDO – Winner 2019

CIDO in the 10th Innovation World Cup® adn Gemalto Trusted Connectivity Award

Uniberry, a tech start-up specialized in IoT product development brought to the 10th IoT/WT Innovation World Cup® CIDO, a smart device that offers flexible access management for apartment buildings without physical keys or transponders. A barcode-scanner will be attached to the doorbell system, with which indicates the Packet tracking number. Only when the packet and recipient information match can the house door be opened. Simply Come in and Drop off, Cido makes home delivery much safer and efficient. Users of CIDO will never miss a packet again!

IoTech swiss – Winner 2018

IoTech swiss is a provider of IoT products and services. From concept design to realization, the company is bringing into the market integrated hardware and software solutions, together with key partners. COLIBRI is the first plug-and-play AI based solution created to save pilots and passengers life, and improve flight quality. Check out the interview with the CEO of IoTech Swiss, Daniele Sammartino, to get his views on IoT security and insights on the key principles for success on the Gemalto blog.

Tosibox – Winner 2017

Tosibox was born from the idea that secure remote access doesn\\\\’t have to be complicated or expensive. Tosibox believes in a better world through better connections, and it\\\\’s their mission to make remote connections as fast, reliable, secure and easy as possible. With the TOSIBOX® solution anyone can build a secure VPN connection in less than 5 minutes, without the need for an IT department, complicated software installations, network configurations or special skills.

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