HALO ® Personal First Response System by Biju Thomas


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HALO ® Personal First Response System by Biju Thomas

Sports and recreation-related head injuries occur with an alarmingfrequency, and often with serious long term consequences. With the growing participation in high-risk activities, there is a need to identify, record, and monitor head impacts.

The HALO personal impact measurement and response system is an easy-to-use impact sensing, data capture/storage device applied to a person’s helmet or other protective gear. The HALO system utilizes wireless sensors and innovative fabrics to sense, indentify, record, and relay impact data to your mobile smart phone or other low-energy Bluetooth wireless enabled device.

Proprietary algorithms process the data to quantify clinically significant head impacts and implement user-defined actions, including notifying existing 3rd party response services, emergency medical services or other special instructions. The impact data are also stored on the sensing unit, allowing later access and review of data and upload into head impact tracking software.

The HALO system is user-configured to accommodate differences in body size, height, weight distribution, and impact thresholds, also for children. Features of the HALO system can also be integrated with other components, such as gyroscopic sensing units and global positioning locators for both rescue and sports entertainment purposes, making HALO a complete extreme sports monitoring system.