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Limmex Emergency Watch by Limmex

Limmex – The Life Saver

Safety belts, fire extinguishers and door locks are representative of thousands of products which have provided additional security for decades. What has been missing until now is a convincing product which connects people in case of an emergency.

Limmex has developed an elegant Swiss watch that fills this gap. It is the first mobile phone based emergency watch in the world allowing the wearer to call for help at the push of a button. Thanks to a built-in loudspeaker and microphone, it is possible to speak directly to the person(s) selected. There are various watch designs for every taste.

After a big market success in Switzerland, Limmex is currently internationalizing. The biggest market segments are persons living alone, children, athletes, professionals, and persons with medical issues. Today’s solutions are either stigmatizing, not always at reach, and/or cumbersome to use. The USPs of the Limmex Emergency Watch are strong: highest security, ease of use, and design. With ten thousands of calls triggered via Limmex watches and its cloud-based backend, Limmex has already saved the life of many customers.

The Switzerland-based company is backed by leading entrepreneurs and has won various awards in its home country. Limmex offers telecom operators such as Swisscom and Deutsche Telekom an attractive solution for their M2M, security, and healthcare business.