VNS3 by Cohesive Networks


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VNS3 by Cohesive Networks

Cohesive Networks’ software-only virtual networking device, VNS3, can be combined with any of our partners’ solutions to create a more secure, streamlined network for public, private, or hybrid cloud environments.

VNS3 lets users place core network functions into the application layer through the Docker-based container plug-in system. With additional network function compatibility built into the VNS3 Container Plug-in Platform, cloud customers can use cloud without the fears of vendor lock-in.

User controlled, application-centric networking can be a very powerful solution in terms of security, compliance and risk management in any cloud environment. VNS3 offers enhanced network services on top of the cloud network, including VLAN peering, encryption, firewall, multicast support and region peering. Also key to the plug-in system is how easily users can save on runtime hassles by loading these functions into a single VNS3 instance instead of separate VMs.