WellTech Challenge

The WellTech Challenge is a brand-new special prize of the Innovation World Cup® Series! New technologies are capable of enhancing human well-being using breakthroughs in sensing and stimulation of the brain and body.  They help us understand our emotional selves, boost confidence, guide our activities more effectively, and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Being the world’s leading tech competition, the 13th IoT/WT Innovation World Cup® introduces the WellTech Challenge, with the search for solutions that have a profound impact on the well-being of individuals. Biosensors and neuro-feedback technologies can monitor our bodies and provide real-time data and guidance towards a more desirable state. In-depth practical advice might be provided by behavioral recommendations such as nutrition intake and level of exercise, social connection, or stimulation technologies like sound, light, vibration, magnetic waves, and many more.

These solutions will advance the way we manage stress, anxiety, fear, enhance relationships, increase well-being and resilience through a deeper understanding of the human body and mind.

A brief overview of what you can benefit from the world’s most dynamic innovation ecosystem:

  • Speaking slots on the main stages of WT | Wearable Technologies Conferences, BIM World, MEDICA, and many more global leading events where you will have the chance to pitch your solution to tech leaders and potential investors
  • A cash prize of 10.000 Euro (for the European best IoT solution)
  • Free Software Development Kits and free use of productions labs and testing facilities offered by our partners
  • Free marketing packages &extensive media coverage at a global level
  • Hundreds of technology advisors to support you on technology topics (finding the right components, go-to-market strategy, etc.)
  • Placement on the Hall of Fame
  • And many more!

Submit your solution

The submission phase closes on 22 September 2021 (23:59 PST).