Questions & Answers – Innovation World Cup®

Let’s answer all the open questions out there! Here are answers to the top FAQ about the Innovation World Cup® Series.

Q1: What is the Innovation World Cup® Series? 
With over 16 years of successful competitions, the Innovation World Cup® Series is the most established open innovation platform in IoT worldwide. Thousands of contestants from over 80 countries have taken part and for many, the Innovation World Cup® is the reason their innovations are striking the market!

We connect the ingenuity of techpreneurs with the potency of leading industry partners to form powerful alliances capable of transforming budding ideas into global giants. In partnership with over 45 leading regional ICT clusters all over the globe, the Innovation World Cup® Series has a significant impact on all parties involved.

Q2: Who can take part?
We welcome the revolutionary Internet of Things and Wearable Technologies solutions from developers, innovative start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs and researchers across the world. Different categories are available: Industrial | Mobility | City | Home | Agriculture | Energy | Security | Sports| Lifestyle and Transport.


  • Only those submissions that have a functional prototype/proof of concept will advance in the competition, mere ideas will not be considered. 
  • Submissions in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) will go to the Healthcare Innovation World Cup®.

Q3: What does it cost to participate?
Nothing! Entering the Innovation World Cup® is completely FREE OF CHARGE. Only breakthrough creativity and passionate motivation are required.

Q4: What can I win? Why would I take part?
To bring your innovation to the spotlight across the IoT & WT tech scene, win prizes worth over $500,000, connect with leading tech companies (such as STMicroelectronics, EBV Elektronik, Würth Elektronik, Microtronics, VARTA Microbattery, AiQ Smart Clothing, VARTA Microbattery and more), speed up your development with advice from tech experts, join international conferences as a speaker or exhibitor, and become part of the worldwide Innovation World Cup® network. 

Q5: How can I register?
Simply follow the registration link, create your participant profile and fill in the submission form with all the required details.

Q6: How long will it take to complete a submission?
The whole submission process should not take you more than 30 minutes. The more details you put into your submission, the higher the chance you will be considered by the jury board to advance to the finals. 

Q7: How can I sign up for a special prize?
To compete for the preferred special prizes, answer “yes” to the relevant questions in the submission form’s “Special Prizes” section and fill in all the required details. All European contestants are automatically part of the EBV Innovation Hero powered by EBV Elektronik!

The winners of the special prizes will be announced at the Pitch & Award Ceremony.

Q8: How can I request software development kits provided by the Innovation World Cup® Series’ partners?  
Register for the Innovation World Cup® and fill in the submission form with all the required details to have the unique opportunity to order one of the development kits provided by the Innovation World Cup® Series partners. Our team will then get in contact with you to complete the process.

Q9: How can I be nominated as a finalist?
Make sure that you fill out all the details on the submission form! The more in-depth and comprehensive your submission is, the higher your chance of being selected as a finalist!

Q10: What happens after the submission deadline?
The evaluation phase starts. Judges from world-leading tech companies, venture businesses, and tech organizations will assess your application and select the most disruptive solutions. Evaluation criteria include, for example, the degree of innovation, business potential, and go-to-market approach.  The finalists will then be publicly announced and invited to join the Innovation World Cup® Pitch and Award Ceremony to rock the stage with their project. The winners are selected at the Pitch and Award Ceremonies by the grand jury, which will evaluate and award the finalists’ pitches live.

Q11: Where and when is the pitch and award ceremony taking place?

In order to boost the top finalists further, several pitch & award ceremonies will take place at different international tech events based on your industry. The top healthcare finalists will be celebrated at MEDICA (Düsseldorf), the smart city and smart construction game-changers at BIM World MUNICH (Munich), the wearable solutions at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conferences and more to be announced as the date approaches. Guess who will go home with the trophy?

Q12: Who are the Innovation World Cup® past winners and finalists?

Many great stories have started with the Innovation World Cup®! Take, for example, Sigfox, MYXYTY, ProGlove, Kizy, or SADE Group, which after participating in the competition went global. Or Carin and Mio Global who secured millions of fundings! All the winners can be found in our Hall of Fame.

Follow the success stories and status updates of our disruptive techpreneurs on our website and social media. See where they are now and how the competition changed their path to success. You could be the next one!

Q13: What is the Innovation World Cup® roadshow?
During the submission phase, we organize the Innovation World Cup® Roadshow, consisting of conferences, developer workshops, panel discussions, and exhibitions at international partner events all over the world (Europe, USA, Asia, Australia). These events include exclusive speaking and exhibition opportunities for our finalists and winners and provide occasions to learn about and discuss the latest news in the IoT tech scene. All the upcoming events can be found here.

Q14: What happens next?

The most innovative and promising contestants of the competition, and especially winners and finalists might be contacted by Innovation World Cup® Series partners for further collaboration, tech advice, speaking opportunities at international tech events, and much more.

In a nutshell, the best part is that taking part in the competition is just the beginning of our joint journey to your success. In fact, should your submission fit one or more other competitions organized by Navispace, the submission will be included in the evaluation process of the other competition(s) and the submitter will have the chance to become a finalist in this other competition(s). Check out our website for a complete overview of the open competitions.

If this list has not included the topic that concerns you, please contact for further information.