A “Smart Step” towards the Future… Insole with wireless transmission wins the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup

Insole with wireless transmission wins the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup Herrsching, January 28, 2014 – It is done! Wearable Technologies, the leading platform for technologies worn close to, on, or even in the body announced the winner of the Innovation World Cup yesterday. Wearables stepped out of the niche and early adopter market and […]

The Wearable Technologies Heroes of the Year: Finalists of WT Innovation World Cup will show many world`s first at WT Conference in Munich

San Francisco / Munich, 05 January 2015 – The club of the most innovative wearables worldwide have been selected by the international jury of the WT Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup. From June until November 2014 more than 500 developers and innovators from around the globe submitted their innovations in wearable technologies in the categories […]

Samsung Semiconductor Europe sponsoring Innovation World Cup of Wearable Technologies to foster groundbreaking wearable solutions

Samsung Semiconductor Europe GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., is joining the Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup as a sponsor to seek the most innovative, cutting-edge solutions. At the next Wearable Technologies Conference in Munich on January 27 to 28, 2014, the chosen finalists will be presenting their products and solutions, […]

M2M Challenge’s Database Closed – May the Best Solution Win!

It is over! The M2M Challenge 2013/14 closed its database and it was a huge success, with more entries than ever. Over the next months, an international team of experts consisting of scientists and representatives from renowned companies will evaluate the submissions according to designated criteria, e.g. marketability, degree of innovation or opportunities of implementation. […]

M2M Enabling New Ways to Use Consumer Electronics

Two weeks left to submit an innovative solution to the M2M Challenge Consumer electronics, one of the most profitable technology markets, is not only about having connectivity, but about redefining connectivity, especially with regards to M2M communication. Today, the most commonly used consumer devices including GSM chips are e-readers and personal navigation devices (PNDs). Amazon […]

M2M Facilitates Mobility and Offers New Possibilities

Only three more weeks for developers to submit solutions to the M2M Challenge Machine-to-Machine (M2M) enables all types of devices to be internet-ready and connected – from utility meters to cars, from e-readers to home appliances. Connected devices offer a wide range of opportunities for everyone from manufacturers to consumers, from entertainment, fitness & sports, […]