WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup 2015/16 | Award Ceremony

26 - 27 January 2016
Munich, Germany

Over the past few years the WT | Wearable Technologies Innovation World Cup had attracted the interest of thousands of developers, dreamers and doers worldwide.

The WT Innovators of the Year 2015/16 will be awarded at the WT | Wearable Technologies Conference EUROPE in Munich.

Besides, all finalists will have the chance to present their solution on stage, exhibit at the show floor of the conference and connect with the who is who from the entire WT value chain!

The WT ǀ Wearable Technologies Conference EUROPE will take place on the 26-27 of January in Munich. The leading wearables event in Europe!

Join us at the WT Wearable Technologies Conference and get the chance to meet finalists in person!


For more information about the conference, the registration and the complete program please click here.


Award Ceremony

Tuesday, 26th January 2016
3:40 pm Innovation Wild Fire - Innovation World Cup Award Ceremony moderated by Christian Stammel, CEO, Wearable Technologies
  Introduction Andrea Onetti, General Manager Volume MEMS & Analog Division, STMicroelectronics
  Elevator Pitches of the Finalists
  How to hack your body? ANTELOPE Series: World’s First Muscle Activating Sportswear! Philipp G. Schwarz, CEO & Co-Founder, ANTELOPE.CLUB
  Leveraging Data to improve transparency in Sports Injuries Anthony Gonzales, Executive Director, Force Impact Technologies
  Running Analysis for Professionals Dr. Benoit Mariani, CEO, Gait Up
  Technology For Those Who Run Paulo Ferreira dos Santos, Founder & CEO, Kinematix
  Science ficition to science fact - How medical innovation becomes real Robert Kaul, President & CEO, Cloud DX
  Breathe Easy, Always. Respiratory Performance Monitoring At Its Best Sharon Samjitsingh, Co-Founder , Health Care Originals
  Leveraging the power of wearables for hospitalized patients Barrett Larson, Co-Founder and CEO, Leaf Healthcare
  The digital solution in women's health Bettina Brammer, Partner, VivoSensMedical
  Home-use Skin Cancer Detecting Band Aid Prof. Zeev Zalevsky, Professor Faculty of Engineering , Bar Ilan University
  Design & Innovation: Connected Product Solutions Raj Sark, Founder, Avanto
  Cardio First Angel - Because every second counts! Sebastian Mößmer, General Manager, Cardio First Angel
  Design & Innovation: Connected Product Solutions Raj Sark, Founder, Connect-IN
  Wearable Lighting for Integration in Apparel and Textiles Steve Leftly, Co-Inventor, i-Lume Wearable Lighting
  Innovation vs. Leading Cause of Death Sascha Firtina, Director of Sales, Kingii
  Kokoon Headphones: Reactive audio to enhance performance Tim Antos, Founder & CEO, Kokoon Technology
  Sunglasses with variable electronic tint control Kristina Ahlinder, Co-Founder, SKUGGA Dynamic Eyewear
  The World's Smallest Mobile Phone for Kids Mats Horn, CEO & Co-Founder, Tinitell
  Space Lumina - a unique open platform that enables you to see and hear like never before! Alfonso Cioffi, SVP Technology Products Development, World Global Network
  The D-Shirt™ is just the beginning Antoine Ormières, Chief Marketing Officer, Cityzen Sciences
  FashionTechnology & Energy Harvesting Systems Lisa Lang, Founder, ElektroCouture UG
  The tago arc – beyond wearables with a #nocharge technology Nikoletta Szirmay, Co-Founder & Head of Communications, LIBER8 Technology
  Pins Collective - Reshaping the pin Olof Sjöstedt, Founder Pins Collective and CEO Sturgill & Co., Pins Collective
  Winners of the Innovation World Cup