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Winner of the WT Innovation World Cup 2015/16

Category: “Smart Clothing”

Antelope Series by Antelope Club

ANTELOPE series is the world’s first performance increasing sportswear. This innovation is invented by a start-up called Wearable Life Science based in Frankfurt. It is the first sportswear with an integrated electro muscle stimulation system (EMS) worldwide. The natural muscle contraction will be strengthened from the outside through electrical impulses during a workout – every single workout will be more intense and more effective. The ANTELOPE team consists of EMS pioneers, sports scientists, fashion designers, IT specialists as well as textile and electrical engineers who developed a compression textile with integrated electrodes.

They are controlled by a smartphone-sized control unit and an app. ANTELOPE can be integrated into every sport andis applicable everywhere and at any time. Gyms and workout equipment will be redundant – now your sportswear is the gym!