Tago Arc by LIBER8 Technology


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Tago Arc by LIBER8 Technology

The tago arc is the world’s first smart jewelry that works entirely without a battery. It is one high fashion bracelet, but thanks to the full E Ink display users can continuously change the pattern and the displayed design on it with their smartphones to always match their mood and outfit. It has no buttons, no cords and it doesn’t need to be charged, ever! The user just tags the desired pattern onto the bracelet from the #tago app.

The tago arc has a full width E Ink surface display with NFC technology integrated into it. Due to the technical characteristics of these components it is possible to change the image display of the bracelet’s surface anytime, anywhere any number of times. One can download pics from the #tago app where the coolest designs, patterns and drawings are at the tip of consumer’s fingertip. The bracelet is created by LIBER8 Technology, a company that envisioned a line of #nocharge products that are as easy to use as a pencil.