Innovation World Cup® at Infoshare Digital


Innovation World Cup® at Infoshare Digital

September 28, 2020


The Innovation World Cup® Series joins Infoshare in their most exciting tech community in Central- and Eastern Europe, this time streamed live from Gdańsk, Poland on September 23-25 & 28-30. Join us and +6000 tech-heads to share, exchange, learn and experiences disruptive solutions that advance us into the future!

Infoshare 2020. Be with us and our corporate partners Würth Elektronik and EBV Elektronik on the Inspire Stage on 28 September. Understand the emerging issues that tech start-up faces and learn how to scale-up businesses successfully.

Who presents what?

    • Consumer IoT versus Industrial IoT – Towards Scalable Solutions (4:10 pm CET)
      Thomas Waldmann, Start-up & Venture Manager, Würth Elektronik
      Thomas’ speech will deep-dive into the world of Consumer IoT (CIoT) versus Industrial IoT (IIoT). CIoT addresses the end-users, whereas IIoT focuses on production for enterprises and factories, in the B2B segment. It is crucial for start-ups to capture these differences in order to penetrate the right market. While CIoT revolves around retail to individuals and households, IIoT seeks for substantial improvements in productivity and efficiency on existing automated industrial systems. It requires scalable solutions for manufacturing plants and expensive assets. Accordingly, Thomas will provide the guidelines for CIoT and IIoT start-ups to better understand the challenges of the market, and allows adaption to further manufacturing requirements.
    • Internet of Medical Things: From Prototype to Market Readiness (4:30 pm CET)
      Markus Vogt, Director Segment Healthcare & Personal Devices, EBV Elektronik
      An IoMT prototype is a trial version of a medical connected solution. To have an initial ideation is great, but numerous show-stoppers will come. The path from prototype to commercialization of a medical device is often time-consuming and expensive. Hence, Markus will reveal the do’s and don’ts to overcome this path, in addition to address the specific requirements concerning the medical and healthcare sector like highly fragmented market and market approval. Last but not least, he will provide the key for young IoT companies to meet the assurances of safety and efficacy, and to obtain competitive advantage throughout their product’s full life cycle.

What’s more?

Check out who will win the Infoshare Startup Contest with one of the 3 awards (20.000, 7.000, and 3.000 Euro prizes) and benefit from the biggest digital tech conference in Central- and Eastern Europe!

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