November 17-18, 2015

MEDICA | Düsseldorf

MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE enables an interdisciplinary exchange between international sports medicine experts, professional athletes, the sporting goods and healthcare industry.

Get insight into the newest approaches and technologies in sports performance and vital data monitoring and personalized training programs and equipment.

The 3rd MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE is taking place on 17/18 November 2015 during MEDICA, the largest medical trade show in the world. The MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE`s main objective is the interdisciplinary exchange between international sports medicine experts, professional athletes, the sporting goods and healthcare industry. Exercise is Medicine (EiM) is cooperation partner from the very beginning.

This cooperation platform was established in 2013 to foster new exchange formats, new sport medical therapies, and innovative products for prevention, recovery and population health management. Connecting sports medicine and innovative technologies will result in new and breakthrough advancements. Discover new markets and get an insight into the latest innovations and cutting-edge products and technologies for prevention, therapy and recovery by joining the 3rd MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE.

Focus of this year`s conference is on creating and implementing new health and fitness guidelines, the latest innovations in monitoring vital data and sports performance, and personalizing individual programs for training and regeneration. The 3rd MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS CONFERENCE will again be one of the highlights of the MEDICA 2015. And here are the speakers:

  • Dr. Carl Foster, Professor for Exercise an Sport Science, University of Wisconsin La Crosse, Director Human Performance Laboratory
  • Mark Verstegen, Founder and President | EXOS, The American Fitness Expert
  • Prof. Dr. Med. Bernd Wolfarth, Director Department of Sports Medicine | Humboldt University and Charité University, Head physician of the German ski association and biathlon team
  • Heidi Dohse, Founder | Tour de Heart, Athlete and life long heart patient. Senior Program Manager | Google
  • Andrew Luke Barile, Founder & CEO | Xtreem Pulse
  • Alberto Bichi, Secretary General | FESI (Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry)
  • Dr. Silvia Binder, CEO | ONDAMED Companies in New York / Germany. Founder | The Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine in Southern Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Med. Wilhelm Bloch, Head of Department of Molecular and Cellular Sport Medicine | German Sport University Cologne. VP and chair of scientific board | German Sports Medicine Association
  • Dr. Birgit Böhm, Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer, Preventive Pediatrics | Technical University of Munich
  • Prof. Dr. Med. Klaus-Michael Braumann, Head of Institute for Sports and Exercise Medicine | University Hamburg. President | German Sports Medicine Association
  • Juliana Chua, Principal | Zensorium, Nitto Denko Corp.
  • Prof. Dr. Joseph Cummiskey, Dean | Faculty of Sport and Exercise Medicine RCSI and RCPI, Ireland. Member of Executive Committee | FIMS, former President of European Federation of Sports Medicine Association
  • Prof. Dr. Med. Martine Duclos, Professor of Sports Medicine | University Hospitality Center Clermont-Ferrand. Head of Nutrition Research Center | INRA-University Auvergne
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Ferrauti, Dean of the faculty of Sport Science, Head of the Department for Training & Exercise Science | Ruhr University Bochum. Head of Department of Sport Science | German Tennis Federation
  • Susanne Hollmann, Deputy Head of Sport Unit | European Commission
  • Prof. Dr. Vesa Linnamo, Professor for Sports Technology, Neuromuscular Research Center, Department of Biology of Physical Activity | University of Jyväskylä
  • Dr. Benoit Mariani, CEO | Gait Up
  • Prof. Dr. Med. Frank Mayer, Medical Director, University Outpatient Clinic, Professor for sports medicine and sports orthopedics, Dean of faculty of human sciences | University Potsdam
  • Marco Peluso, CEO and Founder | Qardio
  • Shaun Rahimi, Founder | CUR
  • Marc Saab, Director of Peak Performance | Thought Technology Ltd.
  • Alberto Sanna, Director eServices for Life and Health | Institute San Raffaele
  • Dr. Otello Sorato, CEO | Mind Room Lab
  • Christian Stammel, Founder and CEO | WT Wearable Technologies Group
  • Dr. Med. James Stray-Gundersen, Chief Medical Officer | KAATSU Global
  • Dr. Christine Stucke, Scientific Assistant | Department of sport science | Otto-von Guericke University
  • Marco Suvilaakso, Director of Product Management | Polar Oy
  • Patrick Thumm, Co-Founder & Managinf Parner | Sports Science
  • Ralph Warnke, President | MediTECH

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