BeFC – Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells


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BeFC – Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells

BeFC make electricity with papers and enzymes. Our paper biofuel cells offer a sustainable and eco-friendly energy solution for low-power electronics.

Using enzymes to convert glucose and oxygen into electricity, the patented technology is a metal-free and plastic-free alternative to conventional miniature batteries, helping to reduce environmental impact.

In addition, BeFC provides dedicated digital platforms combining sensors, microprocessors and low energy wireless communication modules (e.g. BLE, NFC, LoRa…).

The future clearly looks smart, but at BeFC we believe it can be smart and sustainable. Providing power densities of 1-2 mW/sqcm, and capacities of 1-10 mWh/sqcm (depending on discharge profile), BeFC technology can support a range of applications, including: IoT sensor nodes, single-use/single-patient and point-of-care medical devices, wearable electronics, connected/smart packaging, and environmental sensors.

Together, power the future with nature.©