dermoPatch by Feeligreen


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dermoPatch by Feeligreen

Founded two years ago, Feeligreen is set to revolutionize both the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic industry with an electronically controlled medical device designed to actively diffuse drugs through the skin, in an ionized form. Known as active iontophoresis, this administration method uses a direct electrical current to cause ions of a soluble substance to move across the surface of the skin and diffuse into the underlying epidermis and dermis.

Measuring about 20x20mm and only a couple of millimeter thin, the compact electronic module driving the iontophoresis seats on top of a flexible printed electronics plaster with the right electrodes in place, doubling as the drug gel carrier.

This transdermic drug delivery platform has been proven to speed up drug diffusion by a factor of 4 to 10. One of the targeted medical applications is the prevention of bedsore prevention, and other segments currently under investigation cover a large range from controlled pain-relief to wound healing. In the cosmetic world, such technology can be leveraged for more efficient anti-ageing treatments or thinning and firming.