MEDESK Cloud Healthcare Platform


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MEDESK Cloud Healthcare Platform

MEDESK is a cloud healthcare platform that makes work with patient medical data comfortable and highly effective.

MEDESK facilitates collaboration of all healthcare market players – clinics, patients, CROs, employers, insurance companies, medical device vendors. MEDESK makes this collaboration integrated, effective and more profitable. Established in 2008 we became the expert of digital healthcare market in Russia. Today our nationwide platform covering more than 100 000 patients. More than 1000 doctors, administrators and HR-specialists enjoy the benefits of our platform. We deliver integrated digital healthcare ecosystem, fully featured and customised, it can be accessed on any browser or device.

MEDESK is a successfully developing company with big perspectives, founded by two Russian IT geniuses from medical families – Vladimir Kovalskiy and Dmitry Lazutkin. MEDESK featured in Forbes Russia, Techcrunch by Mike Butcher, 1776DC newspaper, and reputable Russian business media as well as Vedomosti, Kommersant etc.