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ETH Zürich / MYLEG

Lower limb amputees use prostheses that do not restore sensory feedback during walking. Because of this, they risk falls, thus losing confidence in the prosthesis and overusing the healthy leg, which causes increased fatigue, and reduced mobility.

MYLEG is a unique device that restores sensory feedback to amputees by gently stimulating with pulses of current the skin of their remaining leg. MYLEG is an add-on to any commercially available prosthesis. The system is constituted by a sensorized insole that is added to the prosthesis, a controller that transduces this information for a stimulating system constituted by portable stimulator and electrodes embedded in a size-adjustable belt.

The optimal placement of the electrodes on the skin and the algorithms make the elicited sensations very clear for the amputee and easy to use. There are no commercial devices similar to MYLEG. The long-term vision of the MYLEG project is to improve mobility and prosthesis cognitive integration, by restoring sensory feedback, in people with leg amputation during their daily life.