Fit Companion by Edward Sazonov, LLC


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Fit Companion by Edward Sazonov, LLC

Small changes in lifestyle lead to large improvements in fitness and health. The Fit Companion we are developing is a small, unobtrusive clip-on device that helps individuals lose weight and achieve healthy levels of physical activity. The device accurately tracks exercise as well as typical daily activities like walking and chores. By providing feedback on active time and energy expenditure, our Fit Companion will assist individuals in making the small lifestyle changes that lead to better health.

It even has the ability to automatically recognize typical postures and activities such as sitting, walking, cycling. The user receives easy-to-understand information on the cell phone: time spent sitting, number of steps taken, time spent moving.

Sensors attached to regular shoes wirelessly transmit data to a cell phone. The cell phone applies signal processing and pattern recognition to:

  1. Recognize and track postures and activities (e.g. sitting, walking).
  2. Compute calories burned.
  3. Provide real-time biofeedback to boost metabolism: “you’ve been sitting too long – time to get up and take at least 100 steps”.