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Senspods by Sensaris

At Sensaris we believe that it is increasingly important to open sensor networks to citizens, provide real time access to data on mobile phones, share pervasive information using social networks. These are some of the reasons why we decided to specifi cally design our Senspods to be “mobile centric”.

Collecting data from our environment and making it visible, understanding what it means and proposing solutions to every day issues are the main objectives of our clients. With our end to end solution, people can use our mobile or web application to read data, geolocate it, mix data with augmented reality or see their evolution and uncover trending patterns over time. Our customers are quickly building a global network because of the pervasiveness and performance of the Bluetooth technology for mobile phones and gateways. The use of these environmental monitoring sensors is at the moment for air quality, noise or radiation monitoring, but Sensaris will commercialize new lines of products such as water quality.

To address an even larger market but keeping our focus on mobility technologies and low power, Sensaris will soon offer Bluetooth Smart versions of all its products. On the software side, our efforts will target improved APIs so that web and mobile developers can quickly develop applications and services for the Internet of Things using Senspods.